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Winter Skin Care To Get You Through

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Winter comes with its own set of skin care problems. Beginning with dry skin through to inflamed eczema. There's no way to avoid it, but luckily we've done the hard work for you and compiled our top tips to keep your skin looking fresh.

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1. You still need sunscreen.
Just because you cant see the sun, doesn't mean its not there. UVA levels (which speed the ageing process) are still high enough during winter that you need to be protecting your skin year round.


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2. Make sure you're getting enough water.
We all know we need to drink more water, yet we still struggle. Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated.


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3. Make sure you use lip balm.

During winter its important to protect face and lips, with good amount of moisturiser and lip balm (preferably opt for brands that have good SPF). A lot of people can experience lip eczema due to over licking or biting lips to overcome the dryness on and around lips. So its very crucial to invest in a good lip balm, to keep them looking plumped and glossy. 

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4. Exfoliate face and hands for soft and glowing skin.

During winter our skin tends to look dry and lifeless, but do not worry we have a solution for you to keep your skin looking soft and glowy throughout the winter. All you need is some brown/white sugar, oats and mix some organic honey with it to prepare your homemade scrub. Apply generous amount on your face and hands and then massage clockwise and anti-clockwise. Wash it off with lukewarm and moisture your face and hands. 


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5. Invest in good facial oil. During winter you can add some skin oil to your moisturiser for that extra glow. You can do this at night time as it allows the skin to absorb all the  oil and moisture. Use your face oil wisely as every skin type is different and every oil has different affect on your skin. 

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