'What do I take travelling?' - Fitting It All In A Carry-On

’What do I take travelling?’ - Fitting It All In A Carry-On

’What do I take travelling?’ - Fitting It All In A Carry-On

So it's coming to that time again, HOLIDAYS! Where some of us jet off around the globe for some R&R, visiting family for the Christmas season or to experience the snow! But...Checked in baggage is expensive! (and who wants to lug around a heavy suitcase?) 

Sometimes it's not as easy as throwing your wardrobe in a suitcase and heading out the door (only for the airline to charge you for your bags being over the weight or size limit) so we've compiled a few of our favourite tips for minimising your luggage and taking only the essentials:

- Pack BASICS! If you are wanting to go minimal and light with your luggage it's vital to have some staple pieces that you can wear on the daily and dress up with accessories or wear in different ways. For example - a pair of blue denim skinny jeans that you can wear every day and switch up the top, wear a belt, or pop on some heels to dress them up. 

- Take accessories, not more clothes. Accessories are small and easy to pack- how about wearing different jewellery, a belt, a scarf or hat to change up your look? 

- Pack multi-wear pieces that you can switch up to look like a different outfit, but you're only packing one item (winning!) 

- Buy scales or a hand held bag weighing tool and check the weight while you're packing and BEFORE you get to the airport so you have time to re-think your outfits. Most airlines will allow a suitcase/ backpack and an additional handbag/ camera case or laptop bag with a combined weight of around 7kg (but please check with your airline!) 

- Roll your clothes... I know, weird. But if you roll, you can squish so much more in than if you fold (or scrunch- no judgement).

- Use packing cubes, these help separate your clothes, shoes, laundry, accessories and underwear/ bathers and keep you organised when you're living out of a bag. 

- Bring garments you can dress up or down so you can transition your outfits from day to night (using the accessories we mentioned - or a pair of heels or dressy sandals). 

- Remember that episode of 'Friends' where Joey wore all of Chandler's clothes?...Do that! Wear your heaviest or bulkiest items onto the plane, especially if you're going on a winter holiday and packed jackets and boots, rug up because planes always get cold anyway! 

- Don't pack too many toiletries, they're heavy! Only bring the essentials and decant your lotions into small travel sized bottles. Also, pack minimal makeup ladies (or men- you do you!) but 5 palettes aren't necessary.

- Make sure the suitcase or bag you're bringing is lightweight, so you can use up more kilos for the stuff you're packing, rather than reaching the weight limit because the bag is too heavy. 

- Remember that you can buy things when you're there! Don't stress if you forget something because (spoiler alert) most places will sell a toothbrush or jacket. 

And if all else fails, remember you can always take a carry-on on the way over and purchase checked-in baggage on the way home for all your purchases. 


Linked below are some of our favourite multi-way pieces to consider for your next vacay! (Wherever you're going, we're jealous!) 

- Knives Top, can be worn loose or tied up at the back and cinched in at the waist paired with jeans or shorts. 

- Verve Dress, can be worn as the perfect little black dress, or as a top with a skirt over the top, with a t-shirt underneath, or as a top over jeans.

- Aria Dress, can be worn as a dress, unbuttoned as a jacket in winter, or over jeans.

Also, some basics to keep in mind: 

- St Lucia Pants, mix these up with sneakers, heels, sandals, a basic or patterned tee, or over a bikini or one piece and change up your accessories for an effortless look.

- Harvey Logo Tee, wear this with anything!