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Tips For A Successful Internship

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Hi, i'm Holly, and I am in intern at Harvey the label. Over the last three months, I've enjoyed being part of all aspects of the business, and I've learned a few key things about what makes an internship successful or not. 
1. Dress For The Job You Want, Not The Job You Have.
Seems obvious when working at a fashion label, but its true at any time. People will take you more seriously if you are showing your best self and its easier for people to think of you in that role when they can visualise it. 

2. Be Willing To Do Some Grunt Work. 
When you're interning, no job is too good for you. Whether its cleaning or filling, you are a part of a team and those jobs are essential for a business. Doing these tasks willingly will establish better relationships with you and your co-workers, but if these are the kinds of tasks you're doing all day, maybe its time to talk to your supervisor about your expectations for your time there. 
3. Ask Questions. 
Now is the best time to ask questions about anything you don't understand. as an intern, you're expected not to know everything, that's why you shouldn't feel stupid asking the questions that will help you in the long run. As a bonus, people who ask questions appear more motivated.
4. Do Your Research
Obviously you're there to learn, but its a good idea to know a bit about the people you're working for and their core values. Even a simple google search about the company is worthwhile. Then you have at least a basic knowledge of products, style and how the industry works. 
And finally.
5. Be Enthusiastic
Any internship is an important time to learn new thing and make valuable connections in the industry. You've asked to be there, so show it. People will notice if you're constantly uninterested and bored and, you're less likely to be recommended or hired, which is usually the end goal. 


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