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Three Life Lessons to Take Away From Toy Story 4

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If you haven’t already watched the latest Toy Story 4, the time is now. Toy Story is not only for the littlies, but also the adults and everyone in between. It is action packed, full of love, adventure and even a little horror (antique dolls scare anyone, right?).  If you have grown up watching Toy Story, you will know how easy it is to fall in love with every character. Recently we watched Toy Story 4 (we won’t give too much away), although there are a couple life lessons, we can take away from this unforgettable, ‘childhood’ movie.
Every new and old character become best of mates in the end. Woody is loyal towards every one of his mates throughout any circumstance. Of course, jumping out of a moving car for your friend is not necessarily something I’d personally do for a friend. Through each challenging chapter of their adventurous life, they are always there for each other and that’s something we could all live by. Stick by your gang, people!
Anything is possible in this crazy life. Bungee jump, travel to your number one destination, jump out that car (joking). Woody makes us feel all the feels in the last scene, as he chases his dream and takes a leap. We’re all a child at heart, it’s okay have fun and be silly. Be yourself.  He believes in himself, and you should too.
Talking about Woody chasing his dream, he is chasing the one he loves (we won’t give too much away). Loyalty and love go hand in hand. The love of his life helps Woody with many challenging scenes throughout the movie, she believes Woody can do anything he sets his mind too. Buzz and Woody = love. Need I say more. Love is beautiful.


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