The Five Flicks You NEED To See This Month! (if you don't want to see Avengers AGAIN!)

With 2019 already producing some killer films,  here are five more flicks to see that are perfect for date night with your pals, significant other or family. 
The Five Flicks You NEED To See This Month! (if you don’t want to see Avengers AGAIN!)
2019 has already been a huge year for films with the Marvel series tearing our hearts out all over again with Avengers: Endgame, the live action re-enactment of the Disney classic, Aladdin and horror hits such as Happy Death Day 2U. Smaller budget and independent films have also made their mark on our screens this year such as the recently released country-music film Wild Rose. Here are five flicks to see now that are perfect for date night with your pals, significant other or family. 
1. Booksmart
Booksmart is the crazy one-night comedy about two academic achievers who decided that all of their high school lives have been spent studying instead of going out and having fun, so they decided that on the night before graduation they would cram four years of partying and fun into one night. This humour-filled movie is the debut work of the actress-turned-director Olivia Wilde, with her take on the nerds’-night-out comedy.
2. Rocketman

After the sensational release of the Freddie Mercury saga Bohemian Rhapsody, many wondered if this Elton John biopic could match the $900 million success. Actor Taron Egerton not only fulfilled the young and eccentric charisma of Elton, but he also sings his songs and carries the expressive and outlandish stage persona that hid away the fears and insecurity of the shy singer-songwriter.

3. High Flying Bird

From the Oscar winning director of Traffic, Steven Soderbergh shows that you don’t need big cash to create small wonder. This iPhone filmed sport drama tells the story of a sport agent who works to relinquish a basketball lock down with the help of rookie basketball player which ends up causing an earthquake of events in the sporting world. High Flying Bird gives a thoughtful and engrossing insight into the world of professional sports as Soderbergh continues to explore the extents of cinematic technology.
4. Us

After a tense beach day with their friends, the Wilson family return to their vacation home where they face the shadows of their doppelganger in the driveway. Being one of the greatest performances in horror, Us tells the story of a family who are confronted by 'zombified' doubles who threaten to overtake their lives. The climax of this inventive and ambitious horror film by Jordan Peele will send you into a state of haunting paranoia. Watch at your own risk.


 5. An Elephant Sitting Still

Running for a whopping four hours, An Elephant Sitting Still is the masterpiece of Chinese art house cinema by the talented director and novelist Hu Bo. Ironically, this award-winning film was the first and last from Bo, who had tragically taken his own life shortly after the release of the film at the age of 29.  The film tells the empowering story of the turn of events that occur within a 24-hour period between a group of teenagers, as they get caught in a perpetual loop of tragedies. Bo’s use of dramatic cinematic techniques and camera shots enforces the shedding light of their struggle and endurance through many grappling action scenes.


So there you have it - grab a popcorn or a choc top (we recommend both) and head on down to support your local cinema.