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1. In three words, how would you describe your personal style?
Edgy, elegant & bold.
2. Favourite travel destination?
Barcelona was absolutely AMAZING! The atmosphere, history and people were so incredible. I would go back in a heartbeat!
I also LOVE Melbourne. I could travel there any day! The food, the shopping and the whole vibe in Melbourne makes me so happy!
3. Go-to restaurant?
I don't really have a regular dinner spot, but I do have a regular brunch spot. Nutrition Republic is my absolute favourite. You can find me there any day of the week. Is it bad that they know my regular order now? ;)
4. Number one styling tip?
Layering is one of my favourite ways to style. It amps up your outfit and it is so easy to do. Whether it's layering a tee underneath a dress, or a cami over a tee - it automatically says 'style' and it gives you and extra way to wear a piece. Don't be afraid to layer!
5. You have two minutes to get ready - what outfit do you reach for?
Oooh...I would most likely pull out a pair of high-waisted mom jeans, pair it with a statement top (style it differently, off the shoulder or layered), and add big earrings. This means that I have still would have made an effort with a cool top, but comfortable in jeans, and ready for what the day has in-store for me.
 6. 5 Items you couldn’t live without
> My Cinquante earrings - if you know me, you know that I am always wearing a statement earring.
> My Celine Sunglasses. They just complete my outfit.
> A pair of cool denim jeans - Flared or mom jeans.
> My sneakers... oh and my Tony Bianco heels.
> My bum bag! It is so handy when I am on photo shoots and need to use my hands!
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