Q&A with #HARVEYBABE Stella

We take 5 with upcoming Australian actress, model and natural beauty Stella Badenoch.
Q&A with #HARVEYBABE Stella
1. In three words, how would you describe your personal style?
Classic, Feminine, with a touch of tomboy at times!
2. Favourite travel destination?
Greek Islands, I would go back in a heart beat!
3. Go-to restaurant?
Sunny's Shop, (Mr Chans on Prospect Rd) I am a sucker for Asian Food!

4. Number one styling tip? 

Always have your basics in the wardrobe that way you can dress up or down any outfit eg: Leather Jacket, Denim Jacket.


Q&A with #HARVEYBABE Stella

5. You have two minutes to get ready - what outfit do you reach for?

Everyday look: I always go denim (shorts or pants) with a white t-shit with white sneakers plus a Cardi if its cold!

Night Look: Demin Pants with a blazer and t-shirt with a pointed heel.

Again love my basics in the wardrobe and always use them when i am in a rush!

6. Five items you couldn't live without
Denim shorts/pants, a white t-shirt, little black dress, denim jacket and a leather jacket.