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How to max your wardrobe wearability, not your wardrobe.

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Every season there is a battle between how much space you want to have in your closet and the thought of getting new items in the excitement of filling it up again with new season trends.

With Spring popping its head up occasionally you can smell the after work drinks in the air, the flirty dresses and cute tops (gimme!) Buuuut... your wardrobe space is making you feel a little gloomy... Do you cut back on the pieces that you don't wear, OR do you try and reinvent them with some Pinterest DIY?

Jazz up some old jeans with stenciling.

With all of the pieces that Harvey has we try and incorporate a multiway sensibility within a clothing. Is it a jumpsuit? You can now make it a pair of pants or shorts. Is it a shirt? Or how about we wear that to work and then you can take it off the shoulder wrap it up and wear it drinks with the girls! Yay! We focus on great washable fabrics, affordability (ugh, double yay!) and maximising you spend per wear. 

Here are our tips for reusing what you have and how to know when to get rid of the things that you don't need.

1. Get ya jazz hands out!

Anything you have not worn in the last 6 months or in the last season get rid of or re-invent! This may sound harsh but the reality is that you won't wear it again. Graphic tees? cut them into crops, being a knit they wont frey, cut 7 - 10cm in the centre front of the tee from the hem, then tie together, viola! you have a cute tied up crop! 

Re-do some tired flats like below: 



No, not as in finance (but hey, could be useful to learn also) but get your mates together, go to a swap meet or create an event. Swap your threads (even jazz some up for higher quality swaps) and get some new threads easily and cheaply. 


You are a superstar! you've cleaned out your wardrobe, you have reinvented your style within your own threads and you may have swapped some things or sold at markets! Big pat on the back, now let's look at making sure your don't buy things your wear once and clog all your hard work up again! 

Need a work wardrobe (ugh) but also want the cutest new Spring trends? no problems!



Is it a jumpsuit? Is it Pants? IT'S BOTH! The Batman of multiway items, being an elastic top, fold down and belt to wear as Wide leg pants, this springs hottest item!

Click the photos to shop:


Wear up to 15 looks (yeah, we know its amazing) being in a monochrome print it is tres work chic and tres party cuteness! Examples of some ways below (imagination is the limit)

Click the photos to shop:



Get a little "extra" with our staple overlay, Glide past your problems as this light amazing fabric billows around you. 



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