How to get outside & active more!

How to get outside & active more!

With daily routines (whether that be work, uni, parenting or socialising) taking up more and more of our precious time, the idea of even stepping outside can feel exhausting. However, being outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air has endless positive effects. From boosting your mood to lowering blood pressure, or decreasing stress, the list of scientific health benefits is enormous. (Don’t believe us? Google it!)

Despite all these benefits, it doesn’t make it any easier to sacrifice another part of our busy schedules to head outside. We have collaborated a few ideas to help you reap the rewards of the great outdoors!

Turn catch ups into “Catch Outs”

Ok. “Catch Outs” aren’t a real thing, but you get the idea. Meeting with your friends this weekend? Catching that new movie or going for your regular brunch date might be your usual idea of fun, but what if you could have more fun while releasing feel-good endorphins, laughing and still finish that Insta pic you wanted? We think this sounds like a better option, so why not? Channel your inner Ash Barty, grab some tennis racquets and head to the local courts. That park near to your house is perfect for a Finska competition or a good starting point for a walk’n’talk. We are also lucky enough in Australia to often only be a short car trip away from a stunning beach, which is always a fun and active day out. Possibilities are endless!

How to get outside & active more!

Get the OUTfit right!

This is probably the simplest trick in the book. As you get home from work or wake up on your day off, it is so tempting to put on lounge clothes and curl up on the couch. Instead, blow the dust off your sneakers and pop on your shorts or stretchy pants! This simple move can trick your mind into feeling like less effort is required to get outside or move your body. We think this also gives us an excuse to go activewear shopping more often – what more could you want?

Join in the fun!

A quick google search can bring up free local active/outdoor activities that you can participate in. A great example of this is Parkrun which is a free, timed 5km walking/running event in many different council areas on Saturday mornings. It is a great way to get out and about, while getting caught up in the buzz of motivation from the other attendants. Plus, your pooches can go too! If Saturday mornings aren’t your thing, walking groups in your area or heading to the local dog park are also great free options.

How to get outside & active more!

(Image: Parkrun, 2020)

If none of this seems like your idea of fun then next time the sun is shining and you’re inside, slide open your windows and let the sun and breeze fill the room. Otherwise, swap the car for your joggers and walk next time you have a short commute – your body & the environment will thank you for it!

Let us know if you take on any of our ideas, or if you have any of your own in the comment section! Right now though, we are lacing up our sneakers and heading out for some Vitamin D!

Seeker Girls xx

Written by Emma

Cover image sourced from Canva