How To Eat MORE By Spending LESS!

How To Eat MORE By Spending LESS!
Spent all your money on your next outfit? It’s ok, we can relate. But here are some tips on how you can save precious dollars and get food equally as good!

1. Meet Groupon, your new best friend!
Some days you just can’t seem to cook for yourself, and eating out just doesn’t seem to fit your financial needs. Fear no more, Groupon is here to save your day! Groupon is a website which gives you amazing discounts of up to 70% (or even more!) price reduction on your favourite restaurants. Even more, Groupon also offers discounts on everyday items and basically everything you need!

2. Sign up for membership to receive special deals
This is a special one for all the drink lovers. For your favourite drink spots like Boost Juice and Chatime, you can always sign up to become a member to receive discounts and deals for you drink. Often they would give you a discount on your first drink after you sign up, and also a free drink on
your birthday!

3. Pop into local markets to find freshly grown yet cheap produce
Need some fruit and veggies to balance out all those pizzas? Don’t worry, local markets can give you all your nutritious needs. Farmer’s markets have the freshest locally grown produce out there and often these prices are very fair. Also use this opportunity to practice your home cooking skills and maybe even discover a new talent!

4. Watch out for special deals in fast food restaurants on ads and social media
You can almost always find deals in your favourite fast food restaurants with ads always popping up on bus stops, the TV and posters everywhere. They might be a bit annoying but you can actually find some very decent deals, so make sure to use them while they’re still valid! Also follow your fave restaurants Instagram and Facebook accounts to be notified for the most recent deal!

5. Buy goods in bulk from Costco
If you are a big home foodie or living with your family, you may consider getting a Costco membership. Costco offers all kinds of foods in large quantities but for a very reasonable price! After a good shopping trip from Costco and you basically have your food portions for a month. Plus, the also have other items ranging from home necessities to flat screen TVs and even trampolines! Now that’s a shop to invest in!
Bonus: Watch out for Costco’s $1 hotdog deals and gigantic pizza slices at the end of the checkouts!
Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash