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Four budget date ideas for this Valentines Day!

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Want something Fresh this Valentines day? 

Drop these 4 hints:

Ditch the Netflix and do something different this Valentine’s Day. Here are four date ideas that won’t break the bank because J-Lo once said, ‘love don’t cost a thing.’

  1. Find the best happy hours in the city

Four budget date ideas for this Valentines Day!

@jordankates in Harvey Auguste multiway top

Nothing’s better than some cheap drinks, especially with your loved one. Find a pub that offers the best deals and make appetisers your main meal!

You can also look them up with this handy finder which has your local happy hours sorted to Rosé all day and night together! 

  1.  Sunset dinner

Four budget date ideas for this Valentines Day!

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Avoid those expensive three course sunset dinners and do it yourself! Order your favourite cuisine on Uber Eats or bring a picnic to watch the sunset. Have it on the beach or drive to a lookout, wherever provides the best sunset view for you and your Valentine in private.

  1. At home spa

Instagram, @decor

Instagram, @decor

Recreate your own spa experience by lighting some candles with a warm bubble bath. Forget about those expensive spa treatments and instead enjoy one from the comfort of your own home. Bonus points if you can get your partner to put on a matching face mask!

  1. Rent a city bike

Four budget date ideas for this Valentines Day!

Photographer, Sabina Fratila

Lots of cities are now offering easy bike rental services that you can ride around town and return at any vending location. Ride along waterfronts and through areas you may have not seen before, it is a great way to experience your city differently.

 Four budget date ideas for this Valentines Day!

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