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Davroe.. We love you!

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Davroe aim to provide the purest, most gentle hair care products to make you look and feel beautiful. We can tell you, here at Harvey, we believe it.

Davroe have been in the game for well over 50 years now and they are right up there at the top of the haircare range in Australia. They replace all those nasties with natural, calming and gentle on the skin ingredients that insure the products are eco friendly and 100% vegan friendly too.

With all the products always fulfilling their said potential we just can’t get enough! They’ve got everything from detangling serums and leave in treatments to styling cremes and dry shampoo, as well as their extremely beneficial Senses shampoo and conditioners range with colour protect benefits.

When trying out the cremes, serums and sprays we can’t help now but spread the word! All the products feel so smooth and creamy when applying to the hair. They make your hair feel so light and bouncy, as if you hadn’t put anything in. Even though it seems invisible you can see and feel the results straight away and they last all day long.

We worked with Davroe on the runway in New York and their haircare just stayed, it looked natural, the curls were bouncy and voluminous – we couldn’t have asked for a better hair care company to work with for our big event!

Like I mentioned earlier, in their range they also have dry shampoo and hair spray. Not only is their revive dry shampoo and strong hold complete hairspray the best we’ve found to date but they come in decent sized bottles so you won’t run out as regularly. I don’t know about you guys but with a busy schedule, constantly trying to fit the most into each day, a little (or a lot) of Davroe’s revive dry shampoo really does go a long way and help when running late.



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